An Effective Framework For assessing aquatic ECosysTem responses to implementation of the Phosphorus Regulations (EFFECT)

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  Project Title An Effective Framework For assessing aquatic ECosysTem responses to implementation of the Phosphorus Regulations (EFFECT)
Research Area Water
Project Acronym EFFECT
  Principal Investigator or Lead Irish Partner David Taylor
  Lead Institution or Organisation University of Dublin, Trinity College (TCD)
 Lead Country Ireland
 Latitude, Longitude (of Lead Institution) 53.34449, -6.25867
  Lead Funding Entity Environmental Protection Agency
  Approximate Project Start Date 01/04/2008
  Approximate Project Finishing Date 01/04/2011
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 Project Keywords Phosphorus; Regulations; Ecosystems; Social science
  Project Abstract For a total grant of 325,052.50, and through the collection and collation of new and existing environmental and social science data on an Irish Ecoregion and catchment/sub-catchment specific basis with a DPSIR framework, EFFECT will identify water bodies that are particularly sensitive to impairment or insensitive to remediation, test the efficacy of POMs aimed at reducing diffuse and point-source, P-induced impacts on water quality, increase understanding of the interactions between stakeholders, including local authorities, in relation to water quality governance and implementation of POMs, and develop a consensus-based strategy for water quality management through the use of deliberative techniques. (1) dedicated EFFECT project website and press release (2) reports to EPA: 6 monthly reports; 1 final (24 months) and one supplementary final (36months) (3) GIS relating spatial variations in water quality to environment and POMs & probability model (4) at least five peer-reviewed publications arising directly from the research will be submitted to journals of high international standing. (5) presentations at Environ and to the international scientific communities at either the SIL or ASLO meetings. (6) PhD thesis and MSc dissertation (7) manual for developing stakeholder dialogue workshops (8) a multi-stakeholder strategy for protecting/improving water quality.
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