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Catalogue of Environmental Research in Ireland

Researcher Contact Details

Research Title: Dr. First Name: Susan Surname: Murphy
Contact Address:
Department of Geography Museum Building Trinity College Dublin Ireland

Telephone Contact Number: 35318963540, Fax Contact Number: , Email Address: susan.p.murphy@tcd.ie

Organisation Details

Organisation Type: Higher Education Organisation, Higher Education Organisation Name: University of Dublin, Trinity College, Other Organisation Name(s) if appropriate:
Research Organisation or Company/Corporate Website: http://people.tcd.ie/murphs64

Organisation or Individual Expertise:
Susan Murphy is the Assistant Professor in international development practice with the School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin and programme coordinator for the joint TCD UCD Masters in Development Practice, and. Susan received a Ph.D. in 2012 from the School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin, for her thesis “The problem of the duty of assistance". Susan sits on the steering committee of the Trinity International Development Initiative (TIDI), and is visiting fellow with REPOA, Policy Research for Development, Tanzania. Susan is also a member of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Council hosted by Columbia University Earth Institute, New York, and a Co-Founder and Director of The Dublin Lab - UN SDSN Academic Centre hosted by UCD School of Politics and International Relations. Since joining Trinity College Dublin in 2012 Susan has lectured on Climate Change, Human Rights, and Development (in collaboration with the Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice); and Gender and Development. She is also module coordinator for all national and international fieldwork and professional work-based placements, bringing to bear her twelve years of industry experience as a manager with a global management consulting firm. Her research interests are in applied international political theory, issues in global justice and development, human rights and climate change, gender and social inclusion. She has published in national and international peer-review journals on matters related to international development including Irish Studies in International Affairs, The Economic and Social Review, and The Journal of Global Justice: Theory, Practice, and Rhetoric (forthcoming). She is currently leading baseline research projects on gender and education, and the gendered dimensions of climate change in East Africa.

Organisation or Individual Expertise Keywords:
Human Rights Social Inclusion Gender Climate Justice International Politics International Relations Governance

National Research Funding

EPA Research Programme

This researcher or research organisation has expressed interest in the following areas:

Sustainable Environment Research; Climate Change Research

Involvement in Relevant National Expert Groups

EU Research Partnerships

This researcher or research organisation has expressed interest in the following areas of EU Research Partnerships:

Climate Change

Interests indicated in the Climate Change Joint Programming Initiative

→ Researching Climate Service Development and Deployment
→ Sustainable Transformations of Society in the Face of Climate Change
→ Improving Tools for Decision-Making under Climate Change
→ Moving towards Reliable Decadal Climate Predictions

Relevant information in relation to Participation relevant experts groups

Details of any previous or current EU-funded projects the individual or organisation were involved in.

Horizon 2020

Challenge 5 (Climate Action, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials)

This researcher or research organisation has outlined their interests in Challenge 5 as follows:

Fighting and adapting to climate change

→ Improve the understanding of climate change and the provision of reliable climate projections
→ Support mitigation policies, including studies that focus on impact from other sectoral policies

Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems

→ Developing integrated approaches for the sustainable management of water-related challenges
→ Further our understanding of biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems, their interactions with social systems and their role in sustaining the economy and human wellbeing
→ Provide knowledge and tools for effective decision making and public engagement policies

Transition towards a green economy through eco-innovation

→ Support innovative policies and societal changes

Cultural heritage

→ Providing for a better understanding on how communities perceive and respond to climate change and seismic and volcanic hazards

Focus Areas

→ Sustainable food security
→ Overcoming the crisis: new ideas, strategies and governance structures for Europe
→ Disaster-resilience: safeguarding and securing society, including adapting to climate change

Relevant EU Research Experience

Information in relation to Participation in relevant experts groups

Involvement in EU-funded research projects: Please outline details of any previous or current EU-funded projects the individual or organisation was involved in.

LIFE and COST Actions

Interest in LIFE subprogrammes:
→ Environmental Governance and Information

COST Actions/LIFE programmes the researcher is currently or has participated in: