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Catalogue of Environmental Research in Ireland

Researcher Contact Details

Research Title: Mr. First Name: Chris Surname: Johnston
Contact Address:
Environment and Renewable Energy Centre AFBI Crops, Grassland & Ecology Branch Sustainable Agri-Food Sciences Division Large Park Hillsborough BT26 6DR

Telephone Contact Number: +44 (0) 28 92 681540, Fax Contact Number: , Email Address: chris.johnston@afbini.gov.uk

Organisation Details

Organisation Type: Research Institute, Higher Education Organisation Name: Other Institute, Other Organisation Name(s) if appropriate: Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute
Research Organisation or Company/Corporate Website: http://www.afbini.gov.uk/

Organisation or Individual Expertise:
The Environment and Renewable Energy Centre (EREC) assists the agri-food industry in maximising the potential of renewable energy and supports technology transfer activities as well as providing visiting groups (Farmers, Industry, Government, Research, & Educational) with a wide range of information on many aspects of renewable energy production and its use. The centre researchs and demonstrates real integration of agriculturally derived energy sources, their conversion and effects on environmental protection (air, soil, water). Research areas include ... • Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) willow production with bioremediation of wastes, effluents, leachates and biosolids • Evaluation of willow clones best suited to our climatic conditions • Investigation into further exploitation of the multifunctionality of woody energy crops eg, riparian strips, disease barriers, carbon sinks • SRC crop management and harvesting regimes • Research into rust diseases and planting strategies to minimise rust damage • Techniques for storage and drying of biomass crop materials • Evaluation of planting and harvesting methodologies to ensure maximum biomass yields. • Combustion and emission characteristics of varying biomass sources • The effect of the incorporation of renewable energy schemes on the carbon footprint of the AFBI Hillsborough site • Improving and evaluating the agronomy of Miscanthus to achieve higher DM yields • Demonstration and evaluation of anaerobic digestion for the potential of on-farm AD for agriculture in Northern Ireland as a future strategy for managing farm manures and plant nutrients in the manures together with production of renewable energy.

Organisation or Individual Expertise Keywords:
willow src biofiltration remediation phytoremediation biomass combustion emissions carbon ghg

National Research Funding

EPA Research Programme

This researcher or research organisation has expressed interest in the following areas:

EPA Water Research Pillar; Sustainable Environment Research

Involvement in Relevant National Expert Groups

EU Research Partnerships

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Horizon 2020

Challenge 5 (Climate Action, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials)

This researcher or research organisation has outlined their interests in Challenge 5 as follows:

Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems

→ Developing integrated approaches for the sustainable management of water-related challenges

Focus Areas

→ Smart cities and communities
→ Competitive low-carbon energy
→ Waste: a resource to recycle, reuse and recover raw materials
→ Water innovation: boosting its value for Europe

Relevant EU Research Experience

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AFBI involvement in •Intereg lVA Lead Partner – (ANSWER ) Agricultural Need for Sustainable Willow Effluent Recycling. Cross-border £2.1m project •EU 5th Framework, Fair 5 (CT97-3947), 5 Countries (Sweden, France, Northern Ireland and Greece) •EU 6th Framework, BIOPROS, 9 Countries •EU Life, Water RENEW Project, UK •RENEW Interreg IIIA

LIFE and COST Actions

Interest in LIFE subprogrammes:
→ Environment and Resource Efficiency

COST Actions/LIFE programmes the researcher is currently or has participated in: