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Researcher Contact Details

Research Title: Dr.

Contact First Name: Michael

Contact Surname: Brennan

Contact Address:

UCD School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy Studio 54, Architecture Building Richview Belfield Dublin 4

Telephone Contact Number: +353-1-716 2678

Fax Contact Number: +353-1-716 2776

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Organisation Details

Organisation Type: Higher Education Organisation

Higher Education Organisation Name: University College Dublin

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Organisation or Individual Expertise:
Dr. Michael Brennan is a graduate of both Trinity College Dublin and UCD with a Bachelor\'s Degree in microbiology, a Master\'s in Environmental Science and a PhD in urban biodiversity. Michael\'s research interests revolve around three core themes: (1) urban biodiversity; (2) cataloguing and modelling environmental resource use; and (3) spatial planning, institutional coordination and governance. Michael\'s work to date has been on projects that incorporate these interests such as the Urban Environment Project, which simulated the evolution of Dublin city into the future and quantified the environmental impacts of this development, and the DOLMANT project, which identified the activities occurring within lake catchments and developed lake management tools to aid catchment management. Currently, Michael is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow working on the European Social Survey (ESS). The ESS is an academically-driven social survey designed to chart and explain the interaction between Europe\'s changing institutions and the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of its diverse populations. Established in 2001, and currently preparing for its sixth round, the survey covers more than thirty nations and employs the most rigorous methodologies. The ESS won the ESS the Descartes prize in 2005, awarded by the European Commission for excellence in scientific research. Michael\'s post involves liaising with the Central Coordinating Team in City University London, ensuring academic rigour of the Irish portion of the survey, data analysis of the results and is responsible for organising an international workshop at the conclusion of the survey. In parallel to the ESS, Michael is participating in two international research networks. Firstly, he is a participant on COST Action FP1204 - Green Infrastructure Approach - which is exploring the environmental and social aspects in the study and management of urban forests. Secondly he is the Irish partner in the Green Space Issues and the Metropolitan City project coordinated from the University of Helsinki. This project is concerned with the infilling regime in member cities and consequent environmental impacts on domestic gardens; the finance and policy of green space; maintenance and usage of green spaces across the entire metropolitan region; green space as a mediator of immigration and integration; and international comparative of green spaces.

Organisation or Individual Expertise Keywords:
urban green space, urban ecosystems, ecosystem services, land use/land cover modelling, environment and risk perception, environment and quality of life

National Research Funding

EPA Research Programme

This researcher or research organisation has expressed interest in the following areas:

 EPA Water Research Pillar
 Sustainable Environment Research
 Climate Change Research
 Green Enterprise Research

Involvement in Relevant National Expert Groups

EU Research Partnerships

This researcher or research organisation has expressed interest in the following areas of EU Research Partnerships:

Climate Change

Interests indicated in the Climate Change Joint Programming Initiative

 Researching Climate Service Development and Deployment

 Sustainable Transformations of Society in the Face of Climate Change

 Improving Tools for Decision-Making under Climate Change

Relevant information in relation to Participation relevant experts groups

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Interests indicated in the Water Joint Programming Initiative

 Maintaining Ecosystem Sustainability

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Other areas of expertise:

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 website

Challenge 5 (Climate Action, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials)

This researcher or research organisation has outlined their interests in Challenge 5 as follows:

Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems

 Further our understanding of biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems, their interactions with social systems and their role in sustaining the economy and human wellbeing

 Provide knowledge and tools for effective decision making and public engagement policies

Sustainable supply of non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials

 Improve the knowledge base on the availability of raw materials

 Improve societal awareness and skills on raw materials

Transition towards a green economy through eco-innovation

 Strengthen eco-innovative technologies, processes, services and products including exploring ways to reduce the quantities of raw materials in production and consumption, and overcoming barriers in this context and boost their market uptake

Global environmental observation and information systems

Interest indicated in this area

Cultural heritage

 Identifying resilience levels via observations, monitoring and modelling

 Providing for a better understanding on how communities perceive and respond to climate change and seismic and volcanic hazards

Societal Challenges 5 Priority Areas

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None specified.

Expertise in Societal Challenges 5 Cross-cutting Areas

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No cross-cutting areas specified

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LIFE and COST Actions

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Interest in LIFE subprogrammes:

 Environment and Resource Efficiency


 Environmental Governance and Information

COST Actions/LIFE programmes the researcher is currently or has participated in:

FPS COST Action FP1204 Green Infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests

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PO Box 3000
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