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Contact First Name: Bryan

Contact Surname: Deegan

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Altemar Marine & Environmental Consultants Greystones Co. Wicklow Ireland

Telephone Contact Number: 00353 (0)86 8366641

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Other Organisation Name(s) if appropriate: Altemar Marine & Environemntal Consultants

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Bryan Deegan is the managing director of Altemar, an independent environmental consultancy that has been in operation since 2001. Bryan is an environmental scientist with 20 years’ experience working in Irish terrestrial and aquatic environments, providing services to the State, Semi-State and industry. He has extensive experience in environmental data collation, project management, GIS, habitat mapping, appropriate assessment, environmental impact assessment and in renewable energy. He also has broad experience in project tendering, EU project application submissions and in the project management of EU projects. Selected experience • Project manager for the EC LIFE+ project CAISIE which was a €1.6 million project which controlled and developed protocols and procedures to manage alien aquatic invasive species. Bryan has also assisted in the preparation of funding applications under FP5 and LIFE and is currently managing a preparatory project under the Northern Periphery Programme. • Lead Environmental consultant to renewable energy company Natural Hydro Energy. This is proposed series of large infrastructural developments in the west of Ireland that comprise of a dam, power station and a Ireland/UK underground cable route. • Project manager and fieldworker for the bathymetric surveying of 173 lakes for the EPA. • Former member of the Irish Coral Taskforce and producer of GIS report on Lophelia pertusa, fishing effort, anthropogenic influences & sampling in Irish waters. This project was crucial for the designation of Ireland’s first offshore Marine SAC’s. • Bryan was the project manager for the Appropriate Assessment for the landfall of a fibre optic cable at Bull Island Co. Dublin one of Ireland’s most designated ecological areas, and for the Foreshore Licence Appropriate Assessment for the trans-Atlantic, fibre optic cable landing at Beldarra Strand, Belmullet Peninsula. • Collation of environmentally based marine and terrestrial GIS datasets for inclusion into a web based GIS viewer Heritage Council. Pilot Projects Using GIS to Audit and Assess Coastal Heritage. • Bryan was commissioned to collate, assess and map (GIS) detailed information on the environmental, social, archaeological and biodiversity factors within the Shannon Estuary for the Shannon Oil Spill Contingency Plan. • Active fieldworker & scientific/commercial diver in the subtidal survey of 23 Marine SAC’s in Ireland from 2005-2010. This was a significant series of projects that involved over 300 dives per diver p/a, drop down video and GIS based reporting. • Project manager for the environmental elements of EIA’s including marine intertidal and subtidal surveys. • Compilation of GIS based project on Irish Marine Biodiversity for The Heritage Council including fishery and infrastructural data. • Bryan is currently working with the Irish Coast Guard updating ecological and socioeconomic data that is required to assess Bantry Bay as a “Port of Refuge”. • Currently assisting iGeotec in the development of georeferenced video surveying applications for Ubipix platform.

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Project manager management environmental consultants impact assessment monitoring ecological audit risk assessment, engineering, Dublin Ireland Irish planning habitat mapping marine terrestrial sustainable altemar bryan deegan video GIS

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EPA Research Programme

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 EPA Water Research Pillar
 Sustainable Environment Research
 Climate Change Research
 Green Enterprise Research

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 Maintaining Ecosystem Sustainability

 Developing safe water systems for the citizens

 Promoting competitiveness in the water industry

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Horizon 2020

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Fighting and adapting to climate change

 Improve the understanding of climate change and the provision of reliable climate projections

 Assess impacts, vulnerabilities and develop innovative cost-effective adaptation and risk prevention and management measures

 Support mitigation policies, including studies that focus on impact from other sectoral policies

Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems

 Developing integrated approaches for the sustainable management of water-related challenges

 Further our understanding of biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems, their interactions with social systems and their role in sustaining the economy and human wellbeing

 Provide knowledge and tools for effective decision making and public engagement policies

Sustainable supply of non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials

 Improve the knowledge base on the availability of raw materials

 Promote the sustainable supply and use of raw materials, including mineral resources, from land and sea, covering exploration, extraction, processing, re-use, recycling and recovery

Transition towards a green economy through eco-innovation

 Foster resource efficiency through digital systems

 Strengthen eco-innovative technologies, processes, services and products including exploring ways to reduce the quantities of raw materials in production and consumption, and overcoming barriers in this context and boost their market uptake

Global environmental observation and information systems

Interest indicated in this area

Cultural heritage

 Identifying resilience levels via observations, monitoring and modelling

Focus Areas

 Blue growth: unlocking the potential of the oceans

 Smart cities and communities

→ Competitive low-carbon energy

 Water innovation: boosting its value for Europe

 Overcoming the crisis: new ideas, strategies and governance structures for Europe

 Disaster-resilience: safeguarding and securing society, including adapting to climate change

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 Environment and Resource Efficiency


 Environmental Governance and Information

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Project Manager for CAISIE LIFE+ Bryan has a broad range of skills in the environmental and biodiversity areas from practical survey (marine, freshwater and terrestrial), GIS, habitat mapping, editing, proposal writing and project management of large scale projects. He has extensive project management experience including being the project manager for the European Commission LIFE+ CAISIE Project on Aquatic Invasive Species. This four year project was run by Inland Fisheries Ireland and co-funded by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The project included stakeholder engagement, international collaboration, restoration ecology and the development of best practice protocols and a toolbox of methods to deal with aquatic invasive species. Bryan managed the day to day running of the project including liaising with the EC, EC monitoring team, IFI and project staff and external contractors, including the video production team and auditors. He was in charge of all aspects of the final project submission including collating four years of audited project accounts. Project accounts duties included ensuring compliance to guidelines, managing full and complete records of, daily project timesheets for each team member, all expenses, mileage and subsistence, in addition to the compilation of project account templates. Bryan also dealt with the independent auditors and EC replies to the project submission. Bryan assisted in the preparation and submission of two FP5 project proposals on behalf of the Marine Institute and a LIFE+ project for the National Park and Wildlife Service. He has, through running his own consultancy for 12 years, significant experience in writing tender documentation. Bryan has a broad experience in GIS, including the collation and display of Nationally important datasets with environmental, social and anthropogenic data for the Marine Institute, National Parks and Wildlife Service and The Heritage Council. One of these, for Cold-water corals, was crucial for the designation of Ireland’s first offshore SAC’s.  

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