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Researcher Contact Details

Research Title: Dr.

Contact First Name: Pamela

Contact Surname: Ryan

Contact Address:

Innovation Centre Bord na Mona Main Street Newbridge Co. Kildare

Telephone Contact Number: 00353 45439382

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Organisation Details

Organisation Type: State Agency/Goverment Department

Higher Education Organisation Name:

Other Organisation Name(s) if appropriate: Bord na Mona

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Organisation or Individual Expertise:
Bord na Mòna is a €400m State Owned (95%) integrated utility provider with activities spanning Energy, Fuels, Waste Management, Horticulture products and Biomass. The company has strong skills in resource management and development, manufacturing, distribution, science, engineering and human resource development. It owns 80,000 ha of peatland, employs approximately 2,000 people and operates out of 20 locations throughout Ireland, United Kingdom and eastern United States. Its turnover year ending 2013 was €426 million. Bord na Mòna's vision "A Contract With Nature" signifies the beginning of a transition from traditional businesses, heavily dependent on peat and fossil fuels - to a new, more sustainable business, focussed on resource recovery, wind energy, biomass, environmental solutions, power generation, horticulture and environmental services. The Bord na Móna group is founded on complementary skills and experience acquired over 50 years. Established to develop Ireland‘s peat resources, it is now active across this range of industries with innovation at its core. Bord na Mòna focuses on six main business areas: 1. Energy: Responsible for developing a portfolio of businesses to provide secure, dependable and sustainable energy and power, focusing on renewables. Its core business is the supply of peat as a fuel for the generation of electricity. It is also developing biomass as a more sustainable feedstock solution in the future. 2. Environmental: A leading provider of solutions in the areas of wastewater treatment and air pollution abatement systems to the Irish and overseas markets. 3. Fuels: The leading supplier of solid fuel products within the residential heating market in Ireland. 4. Horticulture: Manufactures and supplies growing media products for the professional and hobby gardener. The business operates both domestically and internationally. 5. Resource Recovery: Its principal activities are in the collection and environmental treatment of waste. 6. Land and Property: Management of the company’s land and property assets. Responsible for rehabilitation of post production peat bogs to enhance the biodiversity value of the land assets.

Organisation or Individual Expertise Keywords:
Power generation, Clean-tech, Biomass, Renewable Resources, Sustainable product development, Wind energy, Energy efficiency, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, Cultural Heritage

National Research Funding

EPA Research Programme

This researcher or research organisation has expressed interest in the following areas:

 Climate Change Research
 Green Enterprise Research

Involvement in Relevant National Expert Groups

EU Research Partnerships

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Climate Change

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No information specified

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Cultural Heritage

No sub-interests of 'Cultural Heritage' specified

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 website

Challenge 5 (Climate Action, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials)

This researcher or research organisation has outlined their interests in Challenge 5 as follows:

Fighting and adapting to climate change

Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems

 Developing integrated approaches for the sustainable management of water-related challenges

 Further our understanding of biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems, their interactions with social systems and their role in sustaining the economy and human wellbeing

 Provide knowledge and tools for effective decision making and public engagement policies

Sustainable supply of non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials

 Improve the knowledge base on the availability of raw materials

 Promote the sustainable supply and use of raw materials, including mineral resources, from land and sea, covering exploration, extraction, processing, re-use, recycling and recovery

 Find alternatives for critical raw materials

 Improve societal awareness and skills on raw materials

Transition towards a green economy through eco-innovation

 Support innovative policies and societal changes

Global environmental observation and information systems

Interest indicated in this area

Cultural heritage

Focus Areas

→ Competitive low-carbon energy

 Energy Efficiency

 Mobility for growth

 Waste: a resource to recycle, reuse and recover raw materials

 Water innovation: boosting its value for Europe

Societal Challenges 5 Priority Areas

This researcher/organisation has interest(s) in Societal Challenges 5 Priority Areas as outlined as follows

 Systemic Eco-Innovation

 Nature-based Solutions

 Climate services

 Earth Observations

 Cultural Heritage

Expertise in Societal Challenges 5 Cross-cutting Areas

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 International cooperation

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LIFE and COST Actions

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Interest in LIFE subprogrammes:

 Environment and Resource Efficiency


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