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Researcher Contact Details

Research Title: Dr.

Contact First Name: Xinmin

Contact Surname: Zhan

Contact Address:

Civil Engineering, College of Engineering and Informatics, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Telephone Contact Number: 00353(0)91495239

Fax Contact Number: 00353(0)91494507

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Organisation Details

Organisation Type: Higher Education Organisation

Higher Education Organisation Name: National University of Ireland, Galway

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Organisation or Individual Expertise:
Dr. Xinmin Zhan\'s research experience and expertise: I am a lecturer (above the bar) in the Civil Engineering Department and Ryan Institute for Environment, Energy and Marine in the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway). My research interest includes (i) recovery of organic waste and biomass for use as a sustainable and clean energy source and for building a green agriculture industry; (ii) development of cost-effective and efficient technologies for domestic and agricultural wastewater treatment; (iii) development of nano environmental materials for recovery of phosphorus and heavy metals from wastewater; and (iv)interactions between climate change and the waste treatment infrastructure. I have published over 70 peer-reviewed journal papers, with a H-index of 17. I have been principal investigator, coordinator or co-investigator on over 15 research projects. In the past five years, I have secured €3.2 million in research income to my research group from national, European and international finding sources. I have supervised 8 PhD students and 2 research master students to completion. My research team has developed 4 wastewater treatment technologies. The PFBR technology (of which he was a co-inventor) has been licensed to an Irish company. The IASBR technology was highlighted in the Irish Times. I am an Associate Editor for Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering; and Editorial Board member of the Open Systems Biology Journal and Conference Paper in Energy. I was chair, co-chair or committee member on 4 international conferences, for example, Chair of International Symposium on Recent Advances in Water Resources Management & Pollution Control which was held in 11-12 May 2012 in Galway, Ireland, and Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee and Organisation Committee of International Conference on Recent Advances in Pollution Control and Resource Recovery for the Livestock Farming Industry which was held in 25 - 27 October 2013, Jiaxin City, Zhejiang Province, China. My education background, scholarly recognition, publication records and international activities can be found at:

Organisation or Individual Expertise Keywords:
agricultural by-product, wastewater treatment, nano-based environmental material, biorefinery, anaerobic digestion, food waste, environmental technology,N2O gas emission, greenhouse gas emission

National Research Funding

EPA Research Programme

This researcher or research organisation has expressed interest in the following areas:

 EPA Water Research Pillar
 Sustainable Environment Research
 Climate Change Research

Involvement in Relevant National Expert Groups

EU Research Partnerships

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Climate Change

Interests indicated in the Climate Change Joint Programming Initiative

χNo Climate Change JPI sub-interests specified

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Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 website

Challenge 5 (Climate Action, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials)

This researcher or research organisation has outlined their interests in Challenge 5 as follows:

Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems

 Developing integrated approaches for the sustainable management of water-related challenges

Sustainable supply of non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials

 Promote the sustainable supply and use of raw materials, including mineral resources, from land and sea, covering exploration, extraction, processing, re-use, recycling and recovery

 Find alternatives for critical raw materials

Transition towards a green economy through eco-innovation

 Strengthen eco-innovative technologies, processes, services and products including exploring ways to reduce the quantities of raw materials in production and consumption, and overcoming barriers in this context and boost their market uptake

Global environmental observation and information systems

Interest indicated in this area

Focus Areas

 Sustainable food security

 Smart cities and communities

→ Competitive low-carbon energy

 Energy Efficiency

 Waste: a resource to recycle, reuse and recover raw materials

 Water innovation: boosting its value for Europe

Societal Challenges 5 Priority Areas

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None specified.

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No cross-cutting areas specified

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Relevant EU Research Experience

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Involvement in EU-funded research projects: Please outline details of any previous or current EU-funded projects the individual or organisation was involved in.

(1) Engineering aspects and mechanisms of a natural pyrrhotite simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorus removal (PSNOP) biofilter technology, Scientist in charge, FP7 Marie Curie IIF Programme, October 2011 - September 2013 (2) Development of redox-stratified membrane bioreactors for nitrogen removal from wastewater, Scientist in charge, FP7 Marie Curie IIF Programme, January 2009 - December 2011 (3) Advanced biofilm technologies for water and wastewater treatment, co-PI, FP6 Marie Curie Programme, October 2005 - September 2009

LIFE and COST Actions

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Interest in LIFE subprogrammes:

 Environment and Resource Efficiency

COST Actions/LIFE programmes the researcher is currently or has participated in:

• Management Committee member, EU COST ACTION: European Network On Ecological Functions Of Trace Metals In Anaerobic Biotechnologies (ES1302) (2014- 2018) • Management Committee member, EU COST ACTION: The transfer of engineered nanomaterials from wastewater treatment & stormwater to rivers (ES1205) (2013- 2017) • Substitute to the Management Committee, EU COST ACTION: Modelling nanomaterial toxicity (MODENA) (TD1204) (2013-2017)

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