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Research Title: Prof.

Contact First Name: Michael

Contact Surname: Williams

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Department of Botany Trinity College Dublin 2 Ireland

Telephone Contact Number: 0035318962421

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Organisation Type: Higher Education Organisation

Higher Education Organisation Name: University of Dublin, Trinity College

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My research centres on the impacts of agriculture on the environment, in particular nitrogen pollution and the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions through crop management and land use change (Ecophysiology and Soil Science). My current research includes the modelling of nitrous oxide flux and soil respiration from grasslands and cereal crops in Ireland to understand how future climate change may affect these soil processes. A particular focus of my present research is the potential of legume crops in Europe to reduce N pollution and increase biodiversity. Previous research interests are wide and I have published on assimilate distribution in plants in relation to cell specialisation and also metabolic aspects of chloroplast symbiosis. Current Research and Research Opportunities My present research students are involved in measurements of N fixation, leaching and nitrous oxide flux through both the FP7 Legumes Futures project and research contracts with Teagasc and the Department of Agriculture. I have supervised 9 PhD projects both national and international, over ten MSc projects and approx. 40 undergraduate research projects. Recent Publications (1) Roth, B., Finnan, J., Jones, M.B., Burke, J.L. and Williams, M.L. (2013) Are the benefits of yield responses to nitrogen fertiliser application in the bioenergy crop Miscanthus x giganteus offset by increased soil emissions of nitrous oxide, Global Change Biology Bioenergy, (in press) (2) Roth, B., Jones,M., Burke, J. and Williams,M. (2013) The Effects of Land-Use Change from Grassland to Miscanthus x giganteus on Soil N2O Emissions , Land, 2(3), 437-451 (3) Abdalla, M., Saunders, M., Hastings, A., Williams, M., Smith, P., Osborne, B., Lanigan, G., Jones M.B. (2013) Simulating the impacts of land use in Northwest Europe on Nat Ecosystem Exchange (NEE): The role of arable ecosystems, grasslands and forest plantations in climate change mitigation., Science of the Total Environment, 2013 DOI 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2012.12.030 (4) Abdalla, M., Osborne, B., Lanigan, G., Forristal, D., Williams, M., Smith, P., Jones, M.B,. (2013) Conservation tillage systems: a review of its consequences for greenhouse gas emissions, Soil Use and Management, DOI 10.1111/sum.12030 (5) Abdalla, M., Rueangritsarakul, K., Jones, M., Osborne, B., Helmy, M., Roth, B., Burke, J., Nolan, P., Smith, P and Williams, M. (2012) How Effective is Reduced Tillage-Cover Crop Management in Reducing N2O Fluxes from Arable Crop Soils?, Water, Air and Soil Pollution, DOI 10.1007/s11270-012-1268-4 (6) Abdalla, M., Smith, P, and Williams, M.L. (2011). Emissions of Nitrous Oxide from Agriculture: Responses to Management and Climate Change in, editor(s) Lei Guo, Amrith S. Gunasekara, Laura L. McConnell, Understanding Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agricultural Management, American Chemical Society, pp343 – 370. (7) Abdalla, M.,Kumar, S., Jones,M., Burke, J. and Williams, M. (2011) Testing DNDC model for simulating soil respiration and assessing the effects of climate change on the CO2 gas flux from Irish agriculture, Global and Planetary Change, 78,106-115 (8) Abdalla, M., Jones, M., Ambus, P., Wattenbach, M., Smith, P. and Williams, M. (2010) Emissions of Nitrous oxide from arable soils: Effects of tillage, reduced N input and climate change, Proceedings of the International Soil Science Congress on Management of Natural Resources to Sustain Soil Health and Quality, International Soil Science Congress on Management of Natural Resources to Sustain Soil Health and Quality, Samsun, Turkey, May 26 - 28, 2010, edited by R. Kizilkaya, C.Gulser, O.Dengiz , Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun, Turkey, 2010, pp235 - 245 (9) Abdalla, M., Jones, M., Ambus, P. and Williams, M. (2010) Emissions of Nitrous Oxide from Irish Arable Soils: Effects of Tillage and Reduced N input. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, 86, 53 – 65. (10) Abdalla, M., Jones, M., Yeluripati, J., Smith, P., Burke. J. and Williams, M. (2010) Testing DayCent and DNDC model simulations of N2O fluxes and assessing the impacts of climate change on the gas flux and biomass production from a humid pasture. Atmospheric Environment, 44, (25), 2961 – 2970.

Organisation or Individual Expertise Keywords:
soils agriculture nitrogen greenhouse gas respiration photosynthesis productivity legumes leaching nitrate nitrous oxide tillage carbon dioxide

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 Sustainable Environment Research
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Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems

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 Sustainable food security

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