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Research Title: Dr.

Contact First Name: Louise

Contact Surname: Allcock

Contact Address:

National University of Ireland Galway Rm 213, Martin Ryan Institute University Road Galway Ireland

Telephone Contact Number: ++353 (0)91 492322

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Organisation Type: Higher Education Organisation

Higher Education Organisation Name: National University of Ireland, Galway

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Dr. Louise Allcock is a zoology lecturer in the School of Natural Sciences and an established taxonomist, molecular systematist and deep-sea researcher. She has published more than 80 scientific articles on evolution, ecology and conservation of the marine environment. She has worked extensively in the deep sea, both in the Southern Ocean and the South and North Atlantic Ocean and has participated in numerous cruises to all three areas. Her research has focused on organisms from hard to identify groups with few defining characters such as octopuses, cnidarians and sponges. Her studies have highlighted connections between the world’s oceans and linked evolutionary radiations to climatic events (through dated phylogenies). Since 2008, as Chief Scientist, she has been leading multidisciplinary cruises to the canyon systems on the Irish continental margin aboard RV Celtic Explorer with particular interest in poorly known taxa such as sponges, cnidarians and ascidians. This work has led to the description of new community assemblages, new species and major revisions of the systematics of some groups.

Organisation or Individual Expertise Keywords:
The Ryan Insitute for Environmental, Marine and Energy Research at the National University of Ireland, Galway, contributes to some of the most important national and international, long-term, environmental, marine and energy research issues. The Ryan Institute\\\'s affiliated researchers are committed to knowledge sharing and collaboration across the sciences, engineering, social sciences and medicine. Background and Context The Ryan Institute for Environmental, Marine and Energy Research, has been established in 2010 from a strategic merger of the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) and Martin Ryan Institute (MRI) for Marine Science. The Ryan Institute has been established to: - develop a high-quality capability in priority areas of environmental, marine and energy research - support interdisciplinary research across all colleges within NUI Galway - promote collaborative research with other universities and research institutes within Ireland and overseas - foster interaction with policy making bodies, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders - encourage research and research interactions with industry - educate graduate students with requisite skills for work in the environmental, marine and energy sectors - publicise research activities to schools, state agencies, industry and civil society Our location near the North Atlantic Ocean is a strong driver of the research priorities within the Institute. Our emphasis is on (1) understanding and prediction of climate, ecological, terrestrial and marine system changes, (2) innovation in energy-efficient technologies and bioenergy, (3) R & D in aquaculture, fisheries, offshore renewable energy resources and biodiscovery, (4) development of technologies for monitoring, modelling and mitigation of environmental pressures, and (5) provision of scientific and technical information to guide socioeconomic and policy decisions.

National Research Funding

EPA Research Programme

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 EPA Water Research Pillar
 Sustainable Environment Research
 Climate Change Research

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Horizon 2020

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Challenge 5 (Climate Action, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials)

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Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems

 Further our understanding of biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems, their interactions with social systems and their role in sustaining the economy and human wellbeing

Sustainable supply of non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials

 Improve the knowledge base on the availability of raw materials

 Promote the sustainable supply and use of raw materials, including mineral resources, from land and sea, covering exploration, extraction, processing, re-use, recycling and recovery

Global environmental observation and information systems

Interest indicated in this area

Focus Areas

 Blue growth: unlocking the potential of the oceans

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FP7 Kill Spill - oil spill remediation; FP5 - CEPHSTOCK - Cephalopods stocks in European waters: review, analysis, assessment and sustainable management.

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