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Name of Individual or Company: Eileen Crowley

Organisation or Company: Cork City Council

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Call Name: Call Identifier: LC-CLA-04-2018

Call Topic: Resilience and sustainable reconstruction of historic areas to cope with climate change and hazard events

Call Deadline: 27-02-2018

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Cork City Council is seeking to join a consortium already developing a proposal under the above call. The city council can offer several suitable sites ideal for piloting actions within this call for proposals. A particularly suitable neighbourhood, in public ownership, exists within the city centre. It consists of approximately 31 housing units, built in the early 1900s, currently very mixed occupancy including families, single people, migrants and native city residents. The site is flood prone and the housing units are suffering from deterioration, due to dry rot which is a fungus that thrives in moist /damp conditions. Repairs are ongoing but plans are needed to tackle the chronic moisture issues that are causing damage to the fabric of the buildings. The problem has been discovered in several flats. The city council wishes to repair the problem buildings, protect those not yet affected while contributing also to the socio-economic and environmental resilience and upgrading of this neighbourhood. Cork City Council has been successful in increasing their participation in EU projects in recent years and is currently partnered in 5 Interreg projects relating to heritage & economic development, social innovation and social entrepreneurship and 2 H2020 projects ( & The City Council is a partner on the Urban Agenda Partnership on Sustainable Land Use and Nature Based Solutions. The council is also a member of the Covenant of Mayors, ICLEI, WHO healthy cities network, UNESCO learning cities Network, Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, European Cultural Tourism Network and POLIS. We will use our knowledge and experience in these areas to contribute to all project actions including networking and connecting with relevant EU & National projects, networks & associations, and supporting high impact communication activities, working to ensure the capitalisation of project lessons and post project exploitation of results.

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Approximately 10% of Cork City Council’s housing stock was built before 1929. We have significant experience in retrofitting degraded public housing stock, having retrofitted and returned to use over 900 unsuitable units since 2014, with a significant improvements in BER of these units. CCC manages and maintains a stock of 9,000 social housing units. The Council also oversees the activities of 20 approved housing bodies which between them provide approximately 1000 social housing units to people in the city. The Council with support from the Irish Governments Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government expends approximately €60Million on social housing annually. We have significant experience in partnering on co-developing EU funding proposals, partnering on EU projects and influencing EU policy as set out above.