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Resource Title
SAFER Resource (1): Carbon Market and Flexible Mechanisms: Addressing Ireland's GHG Emissions Target Challenge
SAFER Resource (2): Investigation of the implications for Ireland of emerging standards on pharmaceuticals in receiving waters
SAFER Resource (3): Integrating ecosystem approaches, green infrastructure and spatial planning (ECO-Plan)
SAFER Resource (4): Evaluation and Interpretation of Groundwater Monitoring Data and the Implications for Groundwater in Ireland
SAFER Resource (5): Going Green Digitally? Environmental crisis, consumption patterns and the evolving role of media
SAFER Resource (6): One-step drinking water treatment using nanofiltration and nanostructured composites
SAFER Resource (7): Thermodynamic modelling of energy recovery options from digestate at waste water treatment plants
SAFER Resource (8): Development of a Material Reuse Framework
SAFER Resource (9): Climate Technology - Realising The Potential
SAFER Resource (10): Development of an ecohydrology framework for setting environmental flow standards for Irish rivers
SAFER Resource (11): Quantify the Effect of Lead Pipe Removal on Lead Concentrations in Drinking Water
SAFER Resource (12): Evaluation of policies to enhance environmental sustainability in future planning of Irish settlements
SAFER Resource (13): Economic Assessment of the Waterborne Outbreak of Cryptosporidium hominis in Galway, 2007
SAFER Resource (14): Characterisation of reference conditions for rare or unusual river typologies
SAFER Resource (15): Characterisation of reference conditions for rare or unusual river typologies
SAFER Resource (16): The development of a model to ascertain future levels of historic WEEE arising
SAFER Resource (17): Monitoring Criteria for Priority Chemicals leading to emission factors
SAFER Resource (18): Establishing an Eco-Industrial Network for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Mid-West Region
SAFER Resource (19): Water Quality and the Aquatic Environment
SAFER Resource (20): An Effective Framework For assessing aquatic ECosysTem responses to implementation of the Phosphorous Regulations (EFFECT)
SAFER Resource (21): Recycling of Process Water with Heat Recovery
SAFER Resource (22): Temp For Upload
SAFER Resource (23): Evaluating the Ecological Impacts of Cultivating Genetically Modified Herbicide-Tolerant (GMHT) Oilseed Rape and Maize
SAFER Resource (24): Predicting the Impact of Coexistence- Guided, Genetically Modified Cropping on Irish Biodiversity
SAFER Resource (25): Health Effects Associated with the Atmospheric Degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
SAFER Resource (26): Acquisition of Essential Data for Assessments of Carbon Sequestration by Soils
SAFER Resource (27): Study of Awareness & Knowledge of Sustainable Procurement among Procurement Professionals & Identification of Education & Training Needs
SAFER Resource (28): Web 2.0 - What it offers scientists who want to use the web to communicate
SAFER Resource (29): Inventories of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Ireland 1990 and 1995-2006
SAFER Resource (30): The effects of chromium VI on behaviour and on gene expression on the nematode Steinernema feltiae.
SAFER Resource (31): The Use of Mesoporous Silicas to Absorb and Separate Metals and Nanoparticles from Aqueous or Organic Solutions
SAFER Resource (32): Waste - A Biotechnological System for Production of Value-added products, Bioethanol and Methane from Non-animal Food Wastes
SAFER Resource (33): Sustainable Logistics: Towards the Development of Environmentally Conscious Supply Chains
SAFER Resource (34): Conflicts Between Energy Policy Objectives and the National Climate Change Strategy in Ireland
SAFER Resource (35): Development of an Audit Methodology to Generate Construction Waste Production Indicators for the Irish Construction Industry
SAFER Resource (36): Innovative Data Capture and Presentation Techniques in Support of the EU Environmental Noise Directive
SAFER Resource (37): Use of molecular biology techniques to optimise production of value-added products from non-animal food wastes
SAFER Resource (38): A Report on Managing Environmental Research Data at EPA
SAFER Resource (39): Soil Geochemical Atlas of Ireland
SAFER Resource (40): Critical Analysis of the Potential of Mechanical Biological Treatment for Irish waste Management
SAFER Resource (41): Evaluation of Models (PaSim, RothC, CENTURY and DNDC) for Simulation of Grassland Carbon Cycling at Plot, Field and Regional Scal
SAFER Resource (42): An Improved Understanding Of Phosphorus Fate And Transport Within Groundwater And The Significance For Associated Receptors
SAFER Resource (43): Public Participation in the Selection of Sustainable Development Indicators in Limerick and Freshford, Ireland: Implications for Policy on Advancing Sustainability
SAFER Resource (44): A Framework for the Assessment of Groundwater - Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems under the Water Framework Directive
SAFER Resource (45): Quantification of the components of the carbon budget at farm scale
SAFER Resource (46): Air Pollution - Trace Radical Absorption through Cavity-Enhanced Spectroscopy (TRACES)
SAFER Resource (47): A Nationwide Review of Pay-By-Use (PBU) Domestic Waste Collection Charges in Ireland
SAFER Resource (48): Examining The Use of Food Waste Disposers
SAFER Resource (49): Energy Efficiency Improvement of Waste Water Treatment Processes Using Process Integration Techniques
SAFER Resource (50): AQUIRE - Air Quality Forecast and Statistics over Ireland
SAFER Resource (51): Organic Waste Management in Apartments in Ireland
SAFER Resource (52): Quality of Life and the Environment in Ireland
SAFER Resource (53): eDiesel - Barriers and Benefits
SAFER Resource (54): The Shannon River Pilot Basin Research Fellowship
SAFER Resource (55): Environmental Management in the Extractive Industry (Non-scheduled minerals)
SAFER Resource (56): Sustainable Tourism Development: Towards the Mitigation of Tourism Destination Impacts
SAFER Resource (57): Environmental Attitudes, Values and Behaviour in Ireland
SAFER Resource (58): Development of a Cleaner Production Programme for Irish Hotels -