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Resource Title
SAFER Resource (1): A Review of Groundwater Levels in the South-East of Ireland: Review of Groundwater Level Data in the South Eastern River Basin District
SAFER Resource (2): Assessment and Monitoring of Ocean Noise in Irish Waters
SAFER Resource (3): Effects of Species Loss and Nutrients on Biodiversity
SAFER Resource (4): Benefit Transfer for Irish Water
SAFER Resource (5): Urban Environment Project
SAFER Resource (6): Carbon Restore: The Potential of Restored Irish Peatlands for Carbon Uptake and Storage
SAFER Resource (7): Robust Adaptation to Climate Change in the Water Sector in Ireland
SAFER Resource (8): Molecular Diversity and Dynamics of Toxigenic Blue-green Algae in Irish Lakes
SAFER Resource (9): Ozone levels, changes and trends over Ireland - an Integrated Analysis
SAFER Resource (10): Alien Invasive Species in Irish Water Bodies
SAFER Resource (11): Assessing Access To Information, Participation, and Justice in Environmental Decision Making in Ireland
SAFER Resource (12): In situ observations of Greenhouse Gases at Carnsore Point
SAFER Resource (13): Nanotechnology: Environmental and Human Health Impacts
SAFER Resource (14): National Centre for Water and Wastewater Research and Demonstration
SAFER Resource (15): DEPLOY: Smart Demonstration of Online Water Quality Monitoring on the River Lee, Cork, Ireland
SAFER Resource (16): Studies of the Chemical Composition and Toxicity of Airborne Fine Particles in Cork's Mid-Harbour
SAFER Resource (17): Novel anaerobic sewage treatment and bioenergy production
SAFER Resource (18): Ireland Adapts to Climate Change: Assessing Ireland's Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change
SAFER Resource (19): Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Sectoral Policies in Ireland
SAFER Resource (20): Freshwater Biodiversity in the Irish Agricultural Landscape: The Significance of Ponds
SAFER Resource (21): Domestic Offsetting Scoping Study for Ireland
SAFER Resource (22): Flow-proportional Passive Sensor Validation of Phosphorus and Nitrogen in Irish Rivers (Flow-Pro)