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Map of download locations

Please read the accompanying notes below to understand how the locations are calculated. You can use the controls on the map to ZOOM in and PAN around the map.

Notes on geo-location calculation

Every time a resource file is downloaded from SAFER an attempt is made to understand the approximate location from where this download occured. The IP address is used to attempt to calculate this location. No user information is recorded for geolocation. Therefore, these locations do not indicate the address or location of the user who has downloaded the file. SAFER uses the GeoLite (City) Geo-IP database which provides a reliable geo-referencing of IP addresses back to city and town level for the whole world. Consequently the locations shown on the map above for download locations relate to locations of Internet Service Provider routing/exchange equipment or well known landmarks in a city or town and not to any individual address or location.
This geo-location map is provided for information purposes only.