Register and Create a new User Profile on DROPLET

Why do I need to register? Registration and creation of a user profile on DROPLET is only necessary if you want to upload project descriptions to DROPLET OR if you are a research funding agency or organisation who wishes to upload and create funding call announcements or research events on DROPLET. To view the contents of DROPLET you do not need any logon credentials.

How to register and create your user profile on DROPLET You will need to provide information for all of the fields below. You will not be able a profile if any of the fields are missing or filled in incorrectly. When the form has been completed and submitted a new profile will be created. The named person in the form will then be emailed with their username and password for DROPLET. This will happen automatically. As part of DROPLET's security measures users cannot choose or edit their own passwords. You MUST use the password generated by DROPLET. Consequently you should keep this email safe and private.

The full name and title