Explore our map of infrastructure for water research in Ireland.

This map can be browsed and explored. When you click on an icon you will be given the option to view more details about that specific infrastructure. The information about this infrastructure will appear in a new tab or window, depending on your device. A similar map is available for DROPLET.


About this map

Accuracy of Geographical Coordinates on this Map: The use of geographical coordinates for this map-based display is for information visualization purposes only. The coordinates, or pin on the map, are not intended to be very accurate and only are used to indicate the general area where of the research infrastructure project was managed, hosted or carried out in. It is not linked in any way to the location of an individual.

This page has been printed from DROPLET which has been developed and hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency.
The URL of this page is http://erc.epa.ie/droplet/map_cit.php