Explore our map of research institutions and organisations who have carried out research presented here on DROPLET

You can easily browse the map. When you click on an icon you will be given the option to view more details about that specific project. The information about this project will appear under the map display. You will then have the option to view the full details of the project on a separate web-page.

You can use the search box below to perform a search of the DROPLET database. To help you make a more efficient search this search box will autocomplete as you type. Results can be visualised on the map when the search is completed.

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About this map

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The data compilation task to build the DROPLET database involved intensive searching and extracting of information from various databases, document stores, websites and other information sources. The map interface attempts to provide an innovative and modern means of searching the database using the l presenting a large quantity of information which has a spatial component. Very often large tables of data and information are presented as a table which can be sorted, searched, subsetted, etc on web-pages. The inclusion of geographical coordinates with the project information presented here allows us to easily present a map-based interface in addition to the traditional table-based presentation.

Accuracy of Geographical Coordinates on the Map: The use of geographical coordinates for this map-based display is for information visualisation purposes only. The coordinates are not intended to be accurate to the very building or office where the research project was managed, hosted or carried out in. The "pin on the map" for each project should help identify the approximate location where the institute or organisation involved in the research are located.

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