Development and Testing of Key Performance Indicators for the Evaluation of SEA Effectiveness in Ireland

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  Project Title Development and Testing of Key Performance Indicators for the Evaluation of SEA Effectiveness in Ireland
Research Area Water
Project Acronym
  Principal Investigator or Lead Irish Partner Nicola Dwyer
  Lead Institution or Organisation University of Limerick (UL)
 Lead Country Ireland
 Latitude, Longitude (of Lead Institution) 52.67389, -8.57190
  Lead Funding Entity Environmental Protection Agency
  Approximate Project Start Date 05/11/2012
  Approximate Project Finishing Date 05/11/2014
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 Project Keywords Strategic Environmental Assessment; Key Performance Indicators; Water; Energy
  Project Abstract This research will propose, refine and test a framework of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the effectiveness of SEA in Ireland. Three sets of KPIs will be developed to indicate a) the quality of the SEA reports (i.e. how robust a given SEA is in itself), b) how well a given SEA has been integrated into its corresponding Plan, and c) how well SEA is influencing the state of the environment. A State of Knowledge literature review assessing current international practice in the evaluation of SEA effectiveness, and the application of KPIs and other indicators will be prepared. This literature review will inform the refinement of KPIs which have been previously suggested in the EPAs SEA Effectiveness Review, and the development of additional KPIs. The three sets of KPIs will be piloted by selecting and reviewing 20-30 land use plans and applying the proposed KPIs. Following further refinement where necessary, the KPIs will be tested on water and energy related plans. The KPIs will also be tested by carrying out a case study with Local and Regional Authorities to investigate the ease of use of the KPIs. Consultation with these authorities will be ongoing throughout the project.

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