Development and implementation of a pan-European Marine Biodiversity Observatory System (EMBOS)

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  Project Title Development and implementation of a pan-European Marine Biodiversity Observatory System (EMBOS)
Research Area Water
Project Acronym EMBOS
  Principal Investigator or Lead Irish Partner Tasman Crowe (IE)
  Lead Institution or Organisation
 Lead Country Ireland
 Latitude, Longitude (of Lead Institution)
  Lead Funding Entity COST
  Approximate Project Start Date 29/03/2011
  Approximate Project Finishing Date 28/03/2015
  Project Website (if any)
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 Project Keywords Marine Biodiversity; Networking; Observations stations; Anthropogenic gradients
  Project Abstract Marine biodiversity varies over large scales of time and space, and requires a research strategy beyond the tradition/capabilities of classic research. Research that covers these scales requires a permanent international pan-European network of observation stations with an optimized and standardized methodology. In EMBOS the needed large-scale network of research locations in Europe will be installed to assess long-term changes in marine biodiversity and their possible causes taking into account natural and anthropogenic gradients, and EMBOS will extend and optimize this observatory system, including novel interdisciplinary approaches for research. The cooperation leads to a focused and cost effective long term research agenda for EU marine observatories, and contributes to ERA, LIFEWATCH and GEOSS/GEOBON actions, and supports legal obligations of the EU regarding the CBD, OSPAR and Barcelona conventions as well as EU directives (Bird and Habitat Directive, WFD, MSFD, ICZM).

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